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Magic Mart wishes to congratulate all couples preparing for marriage. We offer our Bridal Registry as a free service to assist friends and relatives in the selection of gift items. The procedure is very simple. First obtain a gift listing from any Magic Mart store. Complete the listing by writing the quantity, product number, approximate retail, color/size and manufacturer for each item. It may help to browse one of our stores while completing this listing. This information will help identify the proper gift. Return the gift guide to the nearest Magic Mart store. Inform friends and relatives that the couple is registered at Magic Mart. When they enter the store to purchase gifts, they will ask for that couples gift listing. We will provide them a listing of only the gift items that have been indicated which have not been purchased. When the gift selection has been made, the purchaser marks the items on the listing and leaves it with the store. We will update our records to remove those items from the list. We hope this service will reduce gift duplications, and assure friends and relatives that their selection is one that you need and want.

We know starting out can be tough. Our hope is that this service can help.